Monday, September 8, 2008

Well, At Least My Rage Now Has a Focus (And I Don't Mean a Spiffy Economy-Sized Car)

There's a new chapter in the Not-Quite-Breaking-and-Entering saga that began yesterday.

No one so far has called me back, except for the realtor who left his card on my kitchen counter. He left a voicemail in what I call TalkRadio tone... you know it... aggressive, patronizing, self-righteous and bulldozery.

Here's the transcript:

"Look, I don't owe you any advance notice to show the place. You gotta sort that out with [the listing agency]. That's not my problem. And we didn't take your quarters. We didn't even go into the place. I opened the door and saw the dog and that you're not keeping it up and it doesn't show well so we didn't even go in. I just left my card on your counter to let you know I opened the door. We didn't take your quarters."


For the record, my voicemail to him was concerned and somewhat terse, but not obnoxious.

Also for the record, my quarters were on a small glass plate immediately next to the door, and he had to walk about twelve feet, past Wiley, to put his card on the counter. So yeah, it would have been easy for his client to swipe the quarters, literally without setting foot in my unit.

I also don't appreciate his accusation that I'm not keeping up the place... It's actually much neater and cleaner than most places I've been shown.

I wasn't expecting a "gosh, sorry my client is a klepto, let me pay you back" but I also was not expecting him to come out swinging.

Then again, this is Colorado, the land where citizens are comfortable in their belief that they are entitled to do as they please and everyone else is wrong. And just look at his picture:

Hmm... he doesn't show well, does he?

(Disclaimer: business card posted above for entertainment purposes only. I know that none of you would be so petty and immature as to take the information displayed and sign him up for annoying e-newletters, magazine subscriptions and telemarketing-driven cruise sweepstakes. Just like you wouldn't call him from a public phone and, when he answers, just happen to trigger the air horn you keep in your pocket ... and why do you keep that thing in your pocket, anyway?)


Dr. Virago said...

What a tool!

laura said...

wow. thanks for making me giggle. what a douchebag.

Deb said...

If Mr. Infantolino decided not show the apartment, why then, did he leave
his card? Can't very well deny his entering your home, but seems defensive in light of the fact there had been an apparent theft.

I'm sure you have by now checked your lease. Unfortunately most standard leases include something allowing entering your home for emergency purposes, etc. Loop hole to get around this pesky little details. I'd check renter rights in CO. There's got to be something there.

The Pastry Pirate said...

thanks all for the support... my lease states that the listing agent will make "every possible effort" to contact me in advance... I got a voicemail from her today in response to my calls, and while she was not craptastically obnoxious like this chump, she said she had been told the unit was vacant and that no one told her otherwise... then she said, three times, "i'm innocent!"

uhm... the previous tenants moved out in mid-may. i signed the lease the first week of june and moved in on june 15th. nevermind the landlords telling her i'd moved in... what kind of realtor doesn't even check on a property on at least a quarterly basis?

so she may be innocent, but she's also a craptastic realtor. no wonder the place has been on the market for years without selling.

Laura said...

it sounds like everyone thinks you're in the other apartment...the one with the bad dog owners and the drama.

apartment not kept up? not living there? I wonder if they have the wrong apt. #